Social Neurophilosopher at heart. Psychology and Neuroscience Nerd by training. Wellbeing Educator and Consigliere by trade. Mom and Wife for life!

Sustainable Wellbeing

Cultivating these skills can help you to unlock your mental and social wellbeing

Photo by: Melissa Mjoen Via UnSplash

What can we rely on when the only thing that feels certain about the world right now is uncertainty?

Uncertainty is not something that our human brain tolerates well. Our brains much prefer predictable patterns, reliable ones that when things occasionally veer off course, can quickly be adjusted for and…

3 Ways to Unstick Yourself

Person shown from the calf down wearing bluejeans and brow cowboy boots with one foot raised showing a large wad of bubble gum stuck on boot and pavement.
Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

It happens without us even realizing it.

There we are cruising about our lives when WHAM!!

Seemingly from out of nowhere, it is upon us and we are stuck — deep.

It’s a no-good, dirty rotten, prickly pear of a mood and we are right in the middle of it…

Jaime B. Jenkins MSc MAPP

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